Saturday, 22 March 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 4

After months of visits to universities with my eldest son we did our final trip today before he decides his firm choice. His insurance choice has been in the bag almost from the get go but his firm choice has been a bit of an adventure. We've been to so many places that they all tend to blend into one after a while. His final 4 choices plus his insurance all offered an additional visit day once he'd been given an offer. Two of those four have now been discounted and he's now down to weighing up the pros and cons between his other two offered places of choice.

They are both 'red brick' universities, both want the same AAB from his A Levels, both are welcoming and have similar accommodation styles. The differences are that one is close enough to come home whenever he wants, so close that he doesn't have to live away from home (that's apparently not an option). Some of the university accommodation for first years is affordable but the majority is expensive in comparison to most places.  The other one is a couple of hours away from home but the accommodation is quite cheap in comparison to the first one. I've explained to him the expensive accommodation is only for the first year and after that a house share is cheaper and that I'm willing to take him shopping for food whenever necessary which I can't do if he's somewhere two hours from home but at the end of the day the decision is his and if he's two hours away then he's two hours away. The time for independence has arrived and it's scary. My firstborn is 45 mins away at her uni and that's bad enough.

What will be will be and it's the next stage of HIS life. I need to remember that.

So anyway on with the happy days. Today was the final trip and was an accommodation viewing day at the close to home university. This bunting was cheerful and therefore was my happy moment captured


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