Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Plus Size Bloggers And Being Honest

I've been sitting on this one for a very long time and kept quiet but after reading the same sort of post on several plus size bloggers blogs lately I can't sit on my hands and not type anything. 

First of all I'm overweight. It's no secret. I am a size 18 and am about 4 stones overweight. I like clothes and discovered a plus sized blogger by chance which led to links to several others and they were all promoting being body confident and their love of clothes. They were all bigger than me with the exception of a couple. 

At first I was shocked especially at the way they posed for underwear shots but at the same time admired their confidence. One thing that really struck me though was despite the body confidence they weren't being honest about the outfits they were blogging about. Again with the exception of the couple who were on the smaller side of the community. Comments such as 'I got a 24 but I could easily have fit into a 20' when it is so obviously only just fitting them across the bottom. Or things like 'it was too big across the bust so I would downsize next time' when in actual fact the said garment is stretched so badly that it's a wonder the buttons haven't pinged across the screen at me. 

Now that isn't what bothers me. What is rather concerning is the number of health concerns these ladies seem to be having lately. Bad backs, heartburn, dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy, diabetes to name just a few. Every single one of them with health problems claims to eat healthily in moderation and exercise three times a week and say their health issues are definitely not attributed to their weight.  I'm sorry but I beg to differ. It doesn't need Einstein to explain that eating healthily in moderation and exercising three times a week would result in a healthier body and weight loss.

Yes this isn't just appropriate to fat people (plus sized is fat by the way no matter how beautiful you are and try to dress up the wording). Lots of thin people who eat crap and don't exercise are just as prone to health issues. Carrying that extra weight doesn't help though and I do have to ask if a person can't be honest about how a garment fits when the opposite is so obviously true then how honest are they about the food and exercise lifestyle they lead? 

Food for thought so to speak. 


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