Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December Daily - Advent Calendars

The first day of December is all about the advent calendar in our house or should I say calendars in plural. The kids always get one with that awful chocolate in it that just doesn't taste like chocolate. 

I bought this calendar from Avon many many years ago. There is a stick for every day up to Christmas and santa gradually drops down the chimney until he reaches the bottom on Christmas Eve. 

Then there is the advent candle. I left it too late to find one last year so I was determined this year that I would be organised. John Lewis to the rescue. We won't mention that it was bought while we were visiting son number 1 at university in Newcastle for his birthday and we eventually found them on the top floor. I think the husband and son number 1 now hate John Lewis. Shopping is not their favourite thing. Number 3 son was made to sit and have his photo taken with a model penguin from the John Lewis Christmas advert. At that time he hadn't seen the advert and most probably thought I was bonkers. 

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