Thursday, 4 December 2014

Percival At 6 Months

or thereabouts because we don't know exactly how old he is. The vet estimated he was born mid May when we first took him for jabs etc so that makes him 6 and a bit months. 

He loves cuddles and being warm. If you get up it takes all of two or three seconds for him to pinch your seat. He doesn't seem to care who he sits with as long as they are warm. He is currently sat on my daughter's knee while she is attempting to mark work. 

We found out at his first proper examination that he has a heart murmur. Not a very serious one but it is under observation. He hasn't been neutered yet. Two reasons - one because he doesn't go out as such so doesn't get sexy time with the ladies. He sneaks out occasionally  but our yard is enclosed by a high fence so he stays within it. The other reason is we need to talk through and accept the increased risks of him having an op with the vet before they will do it. With the others they were booked in and done as soon as they were old enough but because of his condition we can't just do that. 

He is definitely more mischievous than the other cats ever were at this age. I now need a new cover for my sewing machine after he decided to destroy it by sitting inside it and don't get me started on the Christmas tree. 

As he has got older his crazy markings have become more prominent. That black strip is like a mohican. 

Leave a bag anywhere and he is in it. He very nearly went to university with my son. Can you see him peeping?

We put the fire on a few weeks ago. It goes without saying that he was under supervision whilst it was on. He sat watching it for a long time and then just curled up and went to sleep. 

Even if one of the other cats is sat on your knee he sneaks in. This photo is one of my favourites. It took Olly a very long time to even walk past him without hissing so they have come a long way. 

His tail - well that deserves a post of its own. 

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