Friday, 12 December 2014


I've always had a love hate relationship with the book of face.  It certainly highlights the needy of attention amongst the human race, those who have a keyboard which spouts so much verbal diarrhoea that they really should think of giving it some medication and those who just want us to know every single part of their credit card maxed out luxurious lives.

This last few months I've taken a massive step away and going back just highlights it all the more.  There are some parts of it I do like such as the lovely people on there.  They aren't all needy whores. So what I'm doing now as and when annoying status updates from people I don't really know or spam from the various pages I've liked over the years is clicking the delete or hide button depending on who they are.  Operation Declutter is well under way.

There are some things that maybe once upon a time I would have put myself before I got a grip and thought why the hell would anybody need to know that.  Today for instance I could have put how embarrassing the dog was when she came with us on the school run - two poops  the second of which was very messy and in the most embarrassing of places for a year 6 boy on his way to school apparently when I was already holding a bag of poop.  Or the fact that she was a disgusting muddy mess by the time we got home and she rolled on my new rug or I could have said what I had for my dinner or even whether I had opened my bowels this morning.  NOBODY could give a monkeys about any of that so why the hell do people feel the need to tell everybody on facebook?

Yes I'm on a rant!

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