Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Why does dog hair seem to get everywhere. For a short haired dog who isn't supposed to shed very much Charlie seems to loose an awfully large amount of fur. It gets everywhere. He isn't allowed upstairs but I have hoovered the stair carpet this morning and the amount of fur that had been walked up there by the rest of us was unreal.

We said he could maybe have a friend when he was a year old. His birthday is on saturday and I have been reminded many times that we could have another dog too. We paid a visit to Dogs Trust last weekend but nothing really appealed to us. Although there were a couple of really cute miniature poodles. I could have taken them home there and then but they had already been rehomed and apparently it isn't very macho to have a poodle on the end of the lead. With 4 males in the house I suppose all the dog walking would have been down to me.

From one extreme to another though because we are considering a Newfoundland . I think maybe we are mad to take on something which, once fully grown, has the potential to weigh more than we do but they have so many good character traits that I can forego the size part. Their temprements are supposed to be second to none. That was one of the reasons for buying a labrador (even if he is a cross) so something as gentle with children as a labrador is a definite plus.

Apparently I am a real saddo for having the time to create a blog.

Tomorrow the other thing my husband thinks is sad - knitting socks.

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