Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Freaky Weather

I just don't get it at all. We took the dog for a long walk yesterday and this picture was taken in glorious sunshine. Less than an hour later it was blizzard conditions (well maybe not quite but very snowy) then the sunshine was back again. Today it is nice and sunny.

Why are eggs such a silly shape? Is it to make it easier for the hen to part with it? Goodness knows why but have you ever tried to make a Creme Egg balance? It is impossible unless you did like I did and balanced it against the box. Sainsburys were selling all their Easter goodies off at half price yesterday and it would have been rude not to take advantage. We got 2 boxes of 3 Creme Eggs, 2 packets of Mini Eggs and 2 Black Magic eggs (Creme Egg sized not huge ones) all to share mind not just for me.

I took advantage of the mini eggs and made a chocolate fudge cake which took far too long to cook and then the fudge ganache was runny so it had to sit in the fridge overnight to set.

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Di said...

LOL, yeah, they're hard to balance eh? Great take on the word. x