Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Sock knitting. I love to do it but as I previously said my family find it amusing. Through gritted teeth I will carry on though.

Here are the projects I have on the go at the moment.

This one is the Sockamania March sock. You can choose to either sign up and just get a free pattern by email or sign up for the Sockamania Plus through Etsy and get the yarn and the pattern in the post. This is the option I took and the yarn they sent is lovely.

This one is the first Sock Knitters Pentathlon sock and is called Jacobean. The idea is that they challenge you to knit a sock from their pattern once every 2 months which I think is a manageable time limit. There are some people on there who have done a pair in 3 days. No offence meant to anybody but do these people have lives or do they just sit and knit all day. I have no idea what the yarn is because I have had it for ages and ages.

Finally this one is from Simply Knitting Magazine. The link shows the pattern.

Look at this lovely blue sky. The picture was taken this morning and I took it because we are forecast to have some very heavy rain over the next few days and I wanted to remember what blue sky looks like.

Using the facility on the camera to isolate one colour and do the rest in black and white this is a random picture of my peg basket.

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Jane said...

What a great function!! I have to do that in PSP if I want one colour - it's a great photo, very striking :o)