Thursday, 20 March 2008


I discovered scrapbooking in 2004 when I was searching for a suitable baby book to record the milestones of my son and I have stuck with it.

There is a massive selection of products available. I don't have one particular favourite manufacturer as they are all so different.

Another massive market is kits. There are hundreds of them out there. My favourite is The Scraproom because they don't overload you with lots of matching papers you will never use. Their kit contains 4 page kits which are all completely different so you feel you are getting a varied choice. I recently discovered Bad Girls kits and am going to give them a try.

I did something on my last layout that I haven't done before and used a cloth swatch. This one is a Cath Kidston one and the best thing was that it was a freebie. If you go to the website you can choose up to 5 (I think) swatches free. You need to click on the fabric you are interested in and if they offer a swatch of it then there will be a link there to order it.


Jess said...

very nice cloth and great way to use it. Im going to have to get back to you. I have never quiet figured out the heel of a sock and it has always put me off making them. obviously you have this down.

maz said...

Oh I love Cath Kidston. I'm off to her site now to get some freebies! Thanks:-)