Monday, 12 October 2009

A Girls Trip Out

My weekends are usually spent as a football (soccer) widow but this weekend was different.

Hull Uni had an open day so off we went (me and my daughter) for a looksie round. Totally forgot to take the camera so no piccies of the university. It looks very nice though and is in quite a good area for a city with a bad reputation. The accommodation blocks are in a very posh area a couple of miles from the uni and it was heartening to see a mini police station in the grounds. Maybe not so nice to see inside what a typical shared bathroom looks like.

Anyway the journey included a trip under the humber bridge. This is a view from the distance, my daughter took it with my phone and then another when the road went underneath the bridge. Not sure I would like to drive across it.

and just look at that sky. Only friday's product boring skies because it knows I am going to photograph it for skywatch friday.

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictures - and sounds like a great weekend!