Thursday, 20 May 2010

Loft Conversion Update

An update up to this morning.

a week or so ago we got some walls

and a window

this huge thing is what houses the turn of the stairs.  The underside of the diagonal bit is storage.  I've been trying to find a wardrobe to fit in the space but without success.  I might have to improvise with some shelving and a rail because whilst nursery wardrobes are perfect for the height they are too wide unfortunately.

I can't wait to get rid of that horrible blue paint.  It hasn't been decorated since our last renovation project which was 7 years ago.  Two boys who were then 4 and 7 no longer want rockets and stars.  Even my 6 year old isn't impressed with them.  Plain and simple I think with whatever pictures etc they want on the walls.  I'm guessing it will have a definite football theme.

We also now have lots of wires hanging from ceilings all over the house. This is in the living room and those wires will connect to the electricity box on saturday when the electrician arrives.

and another wire at the other side of the living room. I think this is going to be a smoke alarm. Building regulations on 3 storey houses are very tight and it looks as if the fire service fitted one we currently have doesn't fulfil their requirements.

and again in the kitchen. This one bothers me because it is a bit close to the cooker and I can just imagine it going off every evening.

the stairs are now plastered.  This is going to be one hell of a tall ceiling to paint.  Long rollers at the ready I think because there is no way I am dangling off a ladder on those stairs.

this is the other side of the loft where the headroom isn't high enough for anything other than storage.  It is currently home to most of the contents of the boys room whilst the builders did their ceiling.  It is actually bigger than it looks in the picture and once we have cleared all this stuff back downstairs I will take another pic..

again looking smaller than in real life because the landing wall is in the way this is the main part of the loft which is now plastered.


Sian said...

It's starting to look really good :)

Lizzie said...

Ah, I remember this time last year, when we were at roughly the same stage with our new bedroom! It's all quite exciting, but does seem to take ages. I'd recommend a coat of slightly watered-down white emulsion, with a dollop of PVA medium, on each of the plastered walls, before you paint them "properly"! Also, be prepared for the corners to shrink and crack a little bit over the winter - you may be touching up those bits next spring.
It does look good though... soon you'll be able to start decorating, which is the real fun bit!

Mima said...

You have done masses and it looks brilliant, it really seems to be taking shape now and it must be such a relief to have got this far!!