Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Point Of No Return

Skywatch viewers my picture is at the bottom of this loft conversion update.

The point of no return is the point we are now at.  After an almost 2 week break whilst the staircase was built the builders were back this week.

Tuesday saw the worst day for mess.  They knocked out part of a wall and some of the boys' bedroom ceiling to make way for the turn of the stairs.

This is what is looked like before they started.

and after the work on tuesday

and after wednesday (not same angle)

these are all the 100+ year old very local bricks they removed.  I was quite fancying some of them to stand my plant pots on and to smash up for rubble to put in the bottom of them for drainage but alas they took them away yesterday.

This is the stud wall that they made before their little break that I have shown you before

and this is what it now looks like after yesterdays staircase insertion

I was officially allowed a viewing yesterday before they went home.  The tape went up afterwards to stop the kids going up they said.

I was told I needed imagination but to be honest I can kind of see how it will come together.  Not very big but big enough.  The other side of the staircase is very low headroom but will be fantastic for storage.  I've given up on the craft room idea.

and since it is thursday here is skywatch.  It's a picture I took on monday using my phone so the quality is a bit rubbish.  We took a walk to the local car boot sale but went the scenic route and ended up walking past a local cemetery.  These blossom trees instantly caught my eye and I couldn't resist snapping them.  I felt a bit disrespectful taking a picture of a graveyard though even if it was through a fence.

Edited To Add: a car boot sale is where people take their old items they no longer want and sell them from their car boots (trunks) usually in a big field with lots of other people on a specified day which is generally a bank holiday.
tomorrow (fingers very crossed) I am hoping there will be some knitting content.


Mary said...

Love the look of your blog! So happy and bright! What is a "car boot sale"? I might be kind of weird, but I thought the picture was beautiful...a sign that there is new life after we pass on!

Mary said...

I get the 'car boot sale' now! We call them "Flea Markets" here in the U.S.! :D
Thanks for the edit!

Lizzie said...

Yay! A Staircase!! It's great when you reach certain points in a building project. For me it was the roof being on and finished, then the "Knock-through", where the old window was taken out and a hole made from the "old house" into the "new" room over the kitchen. Then I could finally go into the new room and get some idea what it might be like (til then I had to poke my camera through the window and look at the photos!)
Don't totally rule out the craft space idea until it's finished... you might find you can access the space by rolling in and out of there on a chair .. But we did have to give up on a clever idea of having a "mini-mezzanine" above the shower room and part of the bedroom, like an indoor balcony - the new roof was much lower than we imagined and there was no headroom at all! It's funny how it's so hard to "see" the space available, until it's nearly finished.

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all disrespectful about the cemetery photo, they are often so lovely and no one minds if that beauty is shared. It really IS a pretty tree!
We also lived through a couple remodels, this too shall pass is all I can say.
Have fun at the boot sale, when we were in Scotland we attended a great boot sale and I bought a couple wooly sweaters for 25p each to keep warm in the drizzle July we were having!

Kcalpesh said...

You've captured the colors really nicely!

Pixellicious Photos

Ruth said...

I love those pink blossoms, the clear blue sky, and the green grass. Good capture even on a cellphone.

Blessings on your renovation project.

Tara R. said...

Gorgeous bushes, a lovely shade of pink. I like the idea of a car boot sale. I like your name better, than our Flea Market here in the U.S.