Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tough Letters

Just realised I haven't blogged H & I in my journey through the alphabet.

These were two of the hardest so far.

For H we

had a hole cut in the roof of our house

the builder put his foot through and made a hole in a bedroom ceiling

had school holidays

saw some heather

harvested crops on farmville

ate haribo, hedgehog bread, houmous, hot dogs, habanero chilli peanuts

walked up a hill

My little one chose a lovely H word - hugs which was very nice.

Leeds United player is Johnny Howson

I found the Hipstamtic app for my iphone.  This is my absolutely favourite app so far.  It is a camera but retro style. This is one of the pics I took during H before I knew there were different films and lenses but more about those later.

and as always a Chili Peppers contribution.  This H is Hump de Bump. 

Then onto I.  This was definitely hard.

I had planned to go to Ikea but it never happened.  We ate icecream and iced gems.  I listened to my ipod and used my iphone.  I changed the ink in the printer. The builders were using insulation.

and Chili Peppers input is I Could Have Lied which is right up there in my top 5 of their songs.

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Rach said...

Wow you have managed to do a lot. I am sooo far behind with all this I am doing but not managing to blog or scrap any of it.