Friday, 28 May 2010


Thought it was about time I did a crafty update.  Today it is knitting.

I've had a sort out and everything I have no intention of ever finishing (yes all those lonely socks) has hit the bin.  No frog pond for them.  Straight to the bin. Socks are history for me I think. They are BORING so definitely won't be starting any more for a long while!

This is what I have left. 

an almost completed pair of socks which I figured I could get finished in a couple of hours so too much work already done to bin.

these next two lots of socks I hung onto because they are very expensive yarn and the patterns aren't too bad.  They will be in hibernation for a while though until I can find my mojo for them.

next up is the Flit n Float scarf I started for the F fortnight

and another scarf I started with another of the more expensive balls of yarn.  This one is more of a stashbuster but should go OK with my brown winter coat

and lastly mystery lace.  Yes I know I said I wasn't doing any again but with the right yarn lace knitting can be actually enjoyable.  I have taken my time with it and still have almost 3 parts of the pattern to get through so a ton of knitting but I kind of like doing it.  The yarn is Zauberball lace in blackberry.  Again should go OK with any of my winter coats or maybe whatever winter coat I have in 3 years time lol

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Lizzie said...

So funny... "Unfinished" is the story of my life! Love the socks in the bin - Socks are Boring!
Maybe you should take a bag of knitting when you go anywhere you might have to sit about waiting.. gives you something to do and you'll get those projects done that little bit quicker. After all, knitting is more in fashion and it's not only for Grandma any more!
I love knitting lace, but that is all. The only sweater I knitted took almost a year and my mum had to help me finish it. My friend had it for his Christmas present, instead of his birthday (April!).
Love the two should absolutely finish those before the winter!!