Friday, 4 February 2011

Meet Pusky

Pusky is the name my youngest gave to his new husky hat.  I'm not sure he can get away with wearing cutesy stuff much longer before it becomes seriously uncool but it was his choice so I'm not saying no. Let kids be kids for longer and all that and at 7 I think cute is still acceptable.

I used a new hipstamatic film on my phone called Dream Canvas Salvador.  I do like the canvas bit but I'm reserving judgement until I have actually printed an image with it yet.


Heather said...

I like the canvas effect Kerry :)

Lizzie said...

That is a cool hat and I don't think he is anywhere near too old for it yet! Unless he gets teased by his friends, I would let him "do cute" for a while longer... kids get enough "grow up quick" pressure outside of home, they need to play when they get the chance - which is what husky hats are really, another form of dressing up game!