Friday, 18 February 2011


I feel really bad now.  I started the whats on your needles wednesday because I did an internet search and couldn't find anything similar for knitting. Obviously I didn't search well enough as it turns out there is and it is called WIP Wednesday.  I don't think it is fair for me to continue with WOYNW since Tami has been running her meme for quite some time.

I enjoyed it while it lasted and am considering possibly a weekend needles meme but I will search extensively this time so I'm not treading on anybody elses toes with it. I feel so guilty for starting the first one.

I'll keep you up to date on what I plan to do. If anybody has any ideas feel free to pass them on.

Also the design team call is still open for another 10 days. Full details are here


Lizzie said...

Well, you did look for the same kind of thing first, but didn't find it. So, it isn't really your "fault" and you started your own one in good faith. And it was a great idea! It's nice that you have found another circle to join in with - and I think it's good of you to cancel yours anway. There are often lots of "duplicates" going on in the Blogosphere - there is usually room for more than one of anything!
I like to see your projects, so do keep posting them.
Also, you may like Margi's blog - - she does lots of knitting and posts on her progress.
(Cute doggie photo btw!)

jo©o said...
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Leah said...

I don't think anyone can copyright a meme! WIP Wednesday has been around in various forms all over the internet for ages :)