Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 Things On The 10th

This is my first time joining in with 10 Things On The 10th over at Shimelle's blog

10 random sort of things from over the last couple of weeks:

1. My boys have found a love of reading. Harry Potter for the eldest two and erm Master Crooks for this one lol

2.  We have been on lots of buses

3. My little one never bores of the steam train arriving.

4. Even the ordinary should be recorded every once in a while

5. He loves his football

6. There is a massive sense of satisfaction at producing homegrown veggies

7. Even when it is raining the river is a peaceful place to be once you learn to ignore the noise of the clay pigeon shooters

8. Birds on feeders are incredibly difficult to photograph when they want to be.  You can just see the blur of it flying away.

9.  Whilst I don't mind watching birds on feeders as above, when they appear very close to the back door and are capable of staring out the dogs and then have their eyes on said back door they really do freak me out.  This one did just that earlier this week and no it wasn't injured.  Same with pigeons in town - I hate them because I know they are going to set off and flap their wings as soon as I walk by them.  (photo taken out of the window)

10. The council need to get a big stick and make the man in charge of the allotments do his job.  Just look at the state they are in.  People like myself are willing to take on plots yet they let them get into this overgrown condition.  Letter of complaint together with photographic evidence should be hitting their desk right about now.



Mary B said...

Nice to see a eclectic list. think my favourite is the unscared bird. and my least is of course the allotment.

Deb said...

Love your range of pics. Hope your letter fixes the problem.

Queenie said...

Great pics and hope the man does something about the allotments!!!
I have an allotment but it is privately run as the waiting list for the council is so long and still some of the allotments are neglected..which means weeds weeds weeds...ahh well it keeps us busy,lol,plus we love collecting our bounty!!

Kim Dellow said...

Lovely post :) Kim

Irene said...

I can never take photos of birds at my feeders either! They're even too quick at the window! Lovely list :)
Irene x

Connie said...

these are really good~great pic's!!!new follower~hope you will visit me.

Ifa said...

Yep, I second that. Homegrown is the best! Your beans looked good.

Kerryn said...

I love seeing people's lives through photos. It's nice to see someone take as many photos as I do! lol