Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Week In The Life - Day 5

I'm playing catch up with these posts so I might end up with three blog posts today. Apologies to anybody who is offended by that. I chose to do it as separate posts because the Week In The Life posts are photo heavy and three days at once might just tip a computer over the edge. I know mine groans over more than half a dozen pics.

So here is day 5 of A Week In The Life

 not the time we got up but just the clock with the date etc

 a little trip for some essentials on our way to -

a Herbology class run by the council.  I fully expected it to be gardening but the youngest two boys made a bath bomb, had a go at writing with a quill (or quilt as my youngest thought it was called), and made a wand.

It was held in an actual castle albeit in ruins now.  Middle man has been before on a school trip so knew what certain parts were.  That big round hole at the side of the picture was an oven but little man didn't believe him.

on the way back to the bus we saw a wedding party.  The bride was just coming out of the limo when we walked past but I wasn't quick enough to take a pic so just took one of the limo.

final one for day 5 is one on the bus on the way back from the castle. See that lady above my son's head?  She had a sleeping small child strapped to her back. The whole journey I had my heart in my mouth thinking she was going to get crushed whenever the bus went over a bump or round a corner.  Luckily she didn't.  See the single seat behind the driver? There was an identical one on the other side and in each of those seats were the lady's other children. Girls about 3 or 4 and probably twins.They were the cutest little girls I have ever seen and the conversation they were having was so ahhhh bless. 

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