Monday, 15 August 2011

Out In The Yorkshire Countryside

How are the school summer holidays treating you so far?

We are half way through them here. The first three weeks were pretty much uneventful apart from odd activities breaking it up and an assortment of hospital and dentist appointments. Speaking of which little man has a physio appointment at 8am tomorrow! Very early but over and done with so we can make the most of his dad being on holiday from work.

My other half always has two weeks off in august. We used to go on holiday for one of the weeks but funds haven't allowed for that the last two years so daytrips it is this year. Not that I'm complaining because I would rather have it like that. I'm more of a homebird plus the older teens don't have to come with us when we go out for a few hours so make great dog sitters when we go places that aren't dog friendly. Biggest man prefers, at 15, not to come to daytrips so it works for us.

Today we went to Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire countryside. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I've never been before. I was thinking walking by the river like we do at home. I wasn't expecting steep hill paths so the old legs got a good workout. Glad I put my trainers on rather than shoes or sandals.

As you can see it was rather high up. The clouds had emptied themselves just before we arrived so it was wet and slippy in places. The edge of the path put my heart in my mouth at times particularly as little man kept straying over to the side.

This was the priory ruins.

and the very old graveyard at the side of it.

Reflective family portrait on a bridge. The river wharfe is a really peculiar colour.

Stepping stones across the river. I was the bad parent for only letting middle man go that far. The stones beyond that point were either underwater or had water lapping on them. The river was running fast beyond the bridge and regardless of the fact that he is 13 and can swim it was a risk I wasn't taking.

A lot of logs had coins pushed into them. I've only seen this in one place before but I'm assuming it is a luck thing like a wishing well.

A bit of nature

We then crossed to the other side of the river and made our way back to the car via this fountain thing.

Menwith Hill US spy place on the way home.


Debbie said...

Looks like a lovely day!

Liz said...

Lovely to see your Bolton Abbey photos! We're pretty local and love going there - the walk doesn't get any easier!!!

Kerryn said...

love your photos. It looks like such a pretty place to visit. Love you reflection family photo!