Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Week In The Life - Day 7

The final post of A Week In The Life went a little like this

Sunday morning shopping.  I like going on a Sunday morning before it gets busy. They open the doors at 930 for browsing and then open the tills at 10.  I can get more or less most of the weekly shopping done in that quiet half an hour.

stupid error that won't go away no matter what we do. I think this computer is in need of a bloody good service.

walk into town

ironed some work shirts

bought new school shirts for September

my other half, eldest son and youngest son went to the friendly at Leeds.  They played Newcastle United.  Here is little man with the club mascot Lucas

and clapping something.  He doesn't go very often because my other half and eldest son have season tickets so have to sit in their prepaid seats.  Apparently he was very vocal with the singing etc and really got into it and buying him a season ticket in the future was discussed.  Middle man doesn't do football in case you were wondering.

That concludes A Week In The Life.  I might do it again during a random week when the kids are back at school and we have a bit of normality.

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