Saturday, 17 March 2012

March Photo A Day 12 to 17

Rather than bore any readers (is anybody out there?) with photos every day I've decided to do a few days at a time.

So here is 12 to 17

12 was fork

The special forks my youngest two use with compliments of the occupational therapy department. They are fantastic for their hypermobile fingers.

13 was a sign

14 was clouds

15 was car

I was lucky that my husband was kind enough to go to work on the train and walk a long way from the station to work and back again so I could have the car 3 days last week to get hop along son with the broken leg to school. He usually walks the 15 minute journey but obviously that isn't easy at the moment. It's been a logistical nightmare at times!

16 was sunglasses

Actually sunny enough to need them at least for a short time.

and 17 was green

Green icing on cakes. My 8 year olds first attempt at using a piping bag.

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Heather said...

I'm here Kerry!! lol