Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring equinox

It's officially now mother nature's spring. The weather folks on tv have meteorological spring from 1st march but I prefer the old fashioned equinoxes.

The one sign of spring I love to see is new leaves forming on plants and trees that have been sleeping during the winter.

My honeysuckle has gone crazy over the last couple of weeks. I bought it for a silly low price in wilkos last year. It didn't really do much so I have high hopes for it this year.

The winter pansies with their purple velvet faces have bloomed well over the last few days along with the primroses.

This morning our dog walk ended up going past the allotments. A friend told me the council have got the diggers in on some of the disused overgrown plots. I'm hoping one of those has my name on it once they have finished.

You can just see the digger and council truck on this picture.


WillieburgScrapper said...

If you are shooting with an DSLR camera you can buy a Polarizing filter for the lenses you use most to reflective glare on your photos. I believe they might be able to get away with carrying a small one around and holding it in front of your point and shoot camera- depending on the angle of the sun you may have to move the lens around to get the glare off but it always works. Or you can try moving the camera to a higher angle but this means you probably won't get well composed shots. My husband and I both got special lenses for our glasses that reduce glare in photos- the extra cost wasn't too much but I'm not sure what the cost would be in the UK. Good luck- I know the feeling- I have to wear my glasses everywhere. :)

WillieburgScrapper said...

Sorry- my comment makes no sense!!! Polarizing menses REDUCE glare by shifting the angles of sun rays falling on reflective surfaces- they are great for making blue skies REALLY blue, taking photos through windows (if you like the Easter or Christmas display of a store) great shots of cars- the filter can be really useful and doesn't have to get taken off your lens since it doesn't affect images other than the reflective issue.
I believe you can carry one around for your point and shoot (sorry that made no sense in my previous comment) and just hold it over your lens when you want to shoot- you have to move it around to get the correct angle to reduce glare. Good luck!!! sorry the answers are so long!