Saturday, 31 March 2012

It's A Creative World Blog Hop - Challenge and Prize

Thanks for stopping by.  You should have reached me from Leanne as part of the It's A Creative World blog hop.  If not and you are just visiting and fancy a look at the creative talents of the team then please have a looksie at the above link for the full list of participants and links to their blogs. There are some fab prizes on offer.

For my stop on the blog hop I decided I would give you a little challenge and a giveaway but more on that in a little while.

I'm going to do a little tutorial on these felt flowers.  There are tons of tutorials around the interweb so I'm not taking any credit for the idea.

Start with a strip of felt - any length over about 8 inches will do and I made mine approx 1.5 inches wide.

Place a line of glue along one of the long edges

fold the other long edge onto the glued edge

I've found that unless you use an extremely fast drying glue then it helps to fold the strip up a bit and hold it together with a couple of clothes pegs until it dries.

Once dry unfold it and then make some cuts into the folded edge making sure you don't cut all the way through the glued edge.

the next step is to start rolling it from one end adding a spot of glue as you go

keep rolling until you reach the end trying to keep the glued edge as level as possible.  You should end up with something a little like this - mine isn't as level as I would like but never mind.  Next put some more glue on the base and cut a small piece of felt large enough to cover the base.

Stick the piece of felt over the base and leave it all to dry.

Once it is dry trim off the excess from the base - it doesn't need to be exact but it finishes it off and gives you a surface to add sticky pads/tape/glue to adhere to your project.

Last step is to turn it over and arrange the petals.  I find flattening it a bit with the palm of my hand helps.

Now for the challenge and giveaway.

My challenge to you is to make a project using any handmade flowers.  Obviously it would be fantastic if you make some of these felt flowers but any type of handmade flowers will still qualify.  Entry will be by the inlinkz button below and if you can link directly to your flowers that would be good.  Entry will be open until midnight GMT on Easter Monday (9th April)

The winner will be drawn at random and the prize is this selection of flowers and embellishments

Thats all from me.  Your next step on the blog hop is the lovely Tracey


Gabrielle said...

Gosh! What a clever idea! Love seeing all those flowers too! Thank you for sharing x

Sara said...

OOH lovely flowers will hopefully be back with my attempt at handmade flowers. Thank you xx

Erika said...

Great flower tutorial Kerry. Thanks for sharing, Erika.

eClaire said...

lovely textured and 3D look to these flowers

sutty said...

Love the flowers they are gorgeous - thanks for the tutorial :)

Scrapdolly said...

very pretty flowers

Anonymous said...

Hello Kerry. I am a real flower fan and use lots of different types in my card making. Thank you for the felt idea too, you could use these to decorate clothes or hats - lots of ideas. I love the felt 'necklace' that Eleanor has made too. Bye for now, Val x

Mole said...
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vixen said...

lovely flowers they look so pretty thanks for the tutorial :)

Jimjams said...

Good tip with the peg - I'm lazy and just used double-sided tape :o)

Laura G said...

can't wait to see what everyone comes up with- will be trying these this week for sure!

isisimaginings said...

Lovely flowers.

Doda Smith said...

those are lovely. Must try and make some :-)

Ifa said...

They are so cute and so easy to make too.

Lisa :) said...

Thank you so much for this great tutorial I'll be making these soon! I entered a card with handmade paper flowers to your linky tool. Have a great day!