Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ten On The Tenth

Linking up with Shimelle for Ten On The Tenth.  I haven't done this for a long while.

Ten things I'm liking in my home at the moment:

Easter cards

Living room mirror
 We've had this since we got married in 1994 and I've had a bit of a love hate relationship with it. It was ok when we first bought it, then we hit the different papers on the top and bottom of the wall separated by a horrible border stage.  It was at that point that I hated it but now I'm onto the loving it again stage. I don't very often like what I see in it but hey ho such is life.

Artifical Flowers
 I always said I would NEVER have artifical flowers in my house but times change and I bought these in the M&S sale to match my feature wallpaper that you can see on the mirror photo.  I think they are orchids and yes I love them.

Photo Frame
I saw this at half price in Sainsburys a couple of weeks ago and couldn't resist using some Nectar points on it. Haven't got around to putting any pics in it yet.  The box behind it is a new kitchen cupboard door from B&Q to replace one that was water damaged.  I want to replace them all but sods law the sale they always have on kitchens hasn't been on lately so I just bought the one for now.  It's waiting for us to get the right size screws but I keep forgetting.  Unfortunately I can't replace everything I need to right now because some of the units are broken beyond repair and we can't afford to replace them.

Bird picture
I don't like birds in real life but I like all the bird cage stuff that is around at the moment.  I couldn't resist this canvas for £10 in the Next sale last summer.

Stair carpet
 We had this fitted last week thanks to a gift from my dad (thanks dad).  After two years of no carpet at all it is absolute bliss to step onto carpet on a morning.

New bookcase
This little space at the bottom of the loft stairs and outside my middle son's bedroom previously housed our step ladders.  I was determined they weren't going back there so I bought this cheap little bookcase from Argos (£12.99) and it now houses a lot of the kids books we have.  We have another much larger bookcase at the bottom of the main stairs with lots lots more books on. Yet more artificial flowers on it - again M&S sale last year - peony in a blue jug.

tins of paint
 These are hopefully going to transform my kitchen soon.  It is currently a horrible yucky mid green colour and I'm going to go cream.

tea towels and red polka dot storage jars
 Cream walls with touches of red and beige so I bought these from Next when I saw them before I could change my mind.

New curtains
Next sale again and in need of a bit of alteration.

Thats my ten on the tenth for this month. 


Melissa said...

What a great idea for Ten Things! I like that bird canvas & the bookshelf at the bottom of the stairs is perfect there!

Pauline x said...

Thanks for sharing! I love that bird cage canvas :)

Boo x said...

Good idea for your 10 things today! I'm in love with your bird canvas! <3 x

Nathalie said...

That's a great subject for your Ten Things!!! I will have to remember that one :) Your kitchen will look lovely in those colours :)

Rebekah said...

What fun peeks at things around your home! Loving the pops of color!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for 10 on the 10th! I may have to "borrow" it in the future!

JulieJ said...

You sound like a champion sales shopper - a girl after my own heart!

KraftyKaren said...

Fab idea for your 10 things. Well done on all the sales bargains!!

debs14 said...

Love the colours you have chosen for your kitchen. Thinking I need to have a little look in Next myself ...!

Mary B said...

Lovely soft colours and very pretty things altogether

JO SOWERBY said...

love the next purchases, bargains from them are gr8. my fave thing in my house at the mo is an orchid i got for £2.00 in the florists.
jo xxx

Clair said...

I love the idea of recording little bits and pieces around your home. We've not long finished decorating our little semi, so I totally understand why certain things - like carpet - make you smile :)

jennifer said...

Thanks for the little glimpse into your life! I like that mirror,, it's so grand. And I like the bookcase, because I always like bookcases (I think I have more books than scrapbooking stuff, which says a lot!) x