Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Photos 18 to 31

My March photo a day photos from day 18 to day 31

18 - A Corner Of Your Home - unashamedly messy

19 - Funny - I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw this

20 - Before/After - steps before and after a walk

21 - Delicious - the colours of the paint chips I picked up in B&Q for a scrapbook project

22 - Kitchen Sink - again messy

23 - Moon - now this one I couldn't actually take on the day because we had clouds but later in the week there were two planets very close to the moon. Very rubbish photo

24 - An Animal - giraffe on a tshirt

25 - Breakfast - the cereal cupboard

26 - Key - I have somehow managed to miss doing this one

27 - Your name - on a leaflet

28 - Trash - I was lucky with this one because the bin men missed on their usual collection day so all the wheelie bins were still out in our area on this day

29 - Feet - hop along in his boot the hospital replaced his pot with

30 - Toy - video games are toys right? Lol

31 - Where You Relax - at the river/canal navigation point. There is actually another ledge below where they are sat so it isn't as close to the edge as it looks.

Thanks for looking at #marchphotoaday

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Alicia said...

I love your photography. Thanks for sharing.
Alicia xx