Wednesday, 11 April 2012


What's on your work desk Wednesday - nothing paper related this week.

I'm trying to get on top of the stock I need for a craft fair stall I have in a couple of weekends time.

These are some hair clips with flat backed embellishments glued on. I say glued on in very loose terms! I did them a couple of weeks ago with an all purpose glue and they seemed fine so I bagged them up ready for carding and then when I came back to them on Monday they had come unstuck.

Last night I had another go but with contact adhesive this time. This resulted in lots of stuck togetherness of my fingers. I've left them overnight but they are still a little tacky so I'll leave them for the rest of the day and see if the glue hardens up and they remain stuck. Does anybody know of a uk available glue that works well for plastic to metal please?

Next step is the bin with them and I will learn not to try them again.


Sandy said...

Darn its a shame when they didn't stick they look so cute. hope you solve your problem with them.

TAM said...

Have you tried Glossy Accents - that seems to stick most stuff

Tammy said...

Oh, they look adorable! Hope you are able to make it work. Happy Wednesday!

dogmatix said...

I hope they stick. They are very cute :)

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh that would be a great shame, they look lovely! Can't help you with the glue question, sorry. I suppose you have tried super glue?

I have enjoyed looking at your space
Have a good week and happy hopping!

Miriam said...

very cute hair slides. Hope you sort them.


CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab slides and yes I think Glossy accents might work! Take care, it's Thursday now so I'm late but I can never get through the list in one go! Love Zo xx 75

SophieNewton said...

Glossy accents is my sticky stuff of choice. Sticks most things I find, except plastic to plastic
Sophie x