Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This Wednesday I'm loving:
The new stair carpet we had fitted yesterday. It's two years almost to the day that work started on the loft conversion. We ripped up the main stair carpet during the works as we planned to get a new one when we got the loft one done. Unfortunately hubby lost his job and despite getting another job within a month we have been playing catch up and the new carpet just never happened. I've done before and after shots of both sets of stairs. It doesn't look vastly different because I chose a boring safe brown

Loving that I have a proper tap in my bathroom now. The hot one broke about 18 months ago and has had lots of temporary fixes. The last one gave out recently and I had had enough. We bought taps when it originally broke thinking it was an easy job but we didn't reckon with the bolts being ceased up hence the temporary fixes as we thought a plumber would charge a fortune. Anyway as I say enough was enough and I requested a quote from a local plumber. I was expecting anywhere £75 upwards but he said £25. Needless to say I set up a fitting date there and then. He struggled a bit and said he could tell they were very old taps because they had square fittings. They were nice though and their replacements are modern eyesores in comparison but hey they work and that's all I'm wanting just now. Decorating comes next.

Loving that we woke up to snow this morning even though last month was a record breaker for high temperatures. Not loving the accompanying wind blowing goodness only knows what at our window last night. Hoping it isn't a roof slate.

Loving that after a medical appointment this afternoon and the littlest having a swimming lesson there is nowhere I have to be until next Wednesday at the next appointment.

Loving that the kids are off school/home from university even if they are annoying each other a lot of the time.

Loving that the middle son and I have a date with the making of a creme egg cheesecake later this week.

Loving my Easter door sign from the pound shop

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