Monday, 18 March 2013

Allotment Update

It's been a while since I've updated anything about the allotment so here is a bit of an overview of the last couple of months. All pics are from my phone so not particularly clear.

We planted a few rosa rugosa

and planted a few fence posts

there was a fair bit of cold weather

I couldn't resist going there for a walk in the virgin snow.

the rosa rugose started to rear their heads.

we almost finished putting up a chicken wire fence. We ran out of wire and then the weather wasn't particularly favourable so there is a section or two still not fenced in. Hopefully this weekend we will get it done.

our next door neighbours got some professionals in to put a proper fence around their plot.  It looks so much better. Puts our higgledy piggledy chicken wire and reclaimed council fencing to shame but hey ho it all does the same job.

I asked the workmen working on the estate the allotment is in for some pallets and also got some from my hubby from work and constructed a compost area. 

A lady I know from school, whose husband has a plot nearby, gave us some strawberry plants that were threatening to take over their plot.  I found a spot that didn't need a huge amount of digging, removed the weeds, dug it over and planted them through some weed control fabric.  We found a few bits and pieces to weigh down the fabric.  I've no idea whether I've done it right but they are in the ground so we will see what happens. 

these daffodils sprouted out of the ground in random places so I'm being very careful not to stand on any until they have given us a nice yellow display.

this spot of the plot is my next project once it dries out a bit.  Weeding all those dandelions (they came from nowhere) and digging over and then maybe we can think of planting some seeds.


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Angie said...

Lots of hard work ahead for you me thinks ...I wish you lots of energy.
It is strange but I feel an allotment should not have a smart garden fence but should look more like a corner behind a farmers cottage.