Friday, 29 March 2013

Artful Readers Club - March

My choice for March was Without Fail by Lee Child

As with all the Jack Reacher series of books I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. 

If you aren't familiar with the character he is an ex military policeman who drifts from place to place with very few possessions.  The plot for this particular one is Jack Reacher giving a helping hand to the Secret Service in a murder threat against the vice president elect.  It builds and builds, with a few surprises along the way, to a crescendo which is worth waiting for. 

I've read this series in order and I have to say that you really don't need to have read any of the other books to read this one as it explains the history you need to know as you go along. 

The only thing I don't particularly like about this series of books is that he always has to sleep with the leading cop/agent/whatever and I don't think there is always a need for it, however in this book it is probably more important than the others but in a weird kind of way as the Secret Service agent used to live with his dead brother. 

I've yet to see the Jack Reacher film.  I've mentioned it before but I really don't see Tom Cruise in the role.  The author makes a big point in every book of describing Jack as 6ft 5 and blond which Tom Cruise certainly isn't.

Anyway his description is what inspired me this month.  I have my own Jack who is 17 and rapidly approaching the same size as Jack Reacher and his younger brother who is over 6ft at only 14 so I knew I would be using their annual back to school photo.

I am really struggling with photographing my layouts.  When one part is in focus the rest is a blur. More practice needed I think.

I found a stencil that is supposed to be an ink blotch but looks like a bullet hole and since the stories always involve guns I thought I would use that.  I used glass beads texture gel but it hasn't gone quite to plan so is more of a splodge up in the top left hand corner.  I do like the gel though and will use it again.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Golly, I must live in a vacuum, because I've never heard of Jack Reacher, not even the movie version. Of course, I don't watch much TV, so that might be part of the problem.

I did, however, appreciate your review and your artful interpretation of it. It's truly amazing what inspires us artists when it comes to our art. Your scrapbook page is adorable, as are your sons, although they probably wouldn't want to hear that word.

San @ Made in Hem said...

I've read one book form this series, Nothing to Loose. I really liked it, no idea why I never realised it's a serie? :)
What a clever idea for you art! ♥
And another page done for your scrapbook. Looks to me like someone is multi-tasking! ;)

Manon said...

It sounds like a great book and I have never read any out of these series. I have had them in my hands at times but put them back again. Maybe soon I will get one just to give it a try. I bet you are proud of your sons, the pages look fine to me. I often use a scan and have given up on photos just because of that problem.

Jez said...

I did read one of this author's books quite a long time ago, (can't remember what it was called, but I know he bought new undies quite often because he travelled light!) and it didn't really ring my chimes, so even though I enjoyed your review I am unlikely to try another in the series.
I like the fact that you linked the height with your sons and used them in your artwork, which is really good, and as Manon said, your photo looks fine. I have problems taking good enough photos with my i-phone, but I don't think arty bloggers are too critical of photos.

Gina said...

Sounds like a character with an interesting past, sort of a vagrant James Bond(definitely not Tom Cruise) :D...Love that it inspired such a brilliant scrapbook page...6ft at 14!!! and I thought I had my work cut out lol :D XXX

Darcy said...

wow your boys are tall! It would put me off having the lead character sleep with someone new each book, but I guess James Bond gets away with it lol Love the page, the arrows are very apt.

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Sounds like a great book. Love your page, my they sure are tall!

Leialoha said...

FABulous page...I so got that splotch/bullet hole in the upper left...I immediately thought of James Bond with all those amorous entanglements. I haven't seen the Reacher film but I agree...not Tom Cruise please.

Jen said...

Good review. Like your page very much. Such good balance, I find that hard on a scrap book page sometimes. Like the bullet hole!
Jen x

Marie/Mison said...

Lovely layout! That book sounds interestin. Put it on my to read list.

Janet said...

Tom Cruise is guaranteed to spoil a good story - another film I won't bother to see! Your boy's page is brilliant - I love the texture and use of words and lots of white space.
Great to have had a good read.

Janet xx

Shirley said...

I have heard about this series of books from friends who avidly read them all. Jack Reacher obviously has a certain something. Maybe I need to find out for myself now as your review explains the background to the book and just what a good read they are. Great scrapbook page of two lovely growing sons.

Sarah said...

Tom Cruise as a 6 foot 5" blonde? nah :)

I remember meeting this author once when he came into WHSmith head office where I used to work for a book signing session, he seemed very nice, not sure it's my kind of book though....

Your scrapbook page is ace, your sons really are getting tall!!

Catie Cuddles said...

Never read any Jack Reacher but it is on the to do list ... Love your scrap page ... I struggle with getting my pages messy ... Must try harder as yours looks so fab!