Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring Sprung Us A Friend

Meet an unseasonal friend who goes by the name of Fat Steve.

He started off life as a little snowball at the allotment (we had a little walkies up there with some kitchen scraps for the compost and some bird food since our original plans were completely scrapped due to cancellations because of the unseasonal weather at the various events we were due to attend today)

I don't believe we have ever made a snowman so big and definitely never at the back end of March (what's that all about - crazy weather!)

Goodness only knows whether these daffs will bloom.

Mother Nature has definitely gotten her knickers in a twist this year. Last March my eldest son was in pot and on crutches wearing shorts out of necessity but it was also warm enough to. Some parts of the country were in drought. This March we have SNOW. Hopefully it means we may actually get a summer during the summer months instead of a heat wave at the beginning of spring and a washout for the rest of the year.

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