Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Artful Readers Club - February

Running rather late with this one.  I was actually in front of myself with the reading but way behind with the artwork. Better late than never I guess. The link to Darcy's blog where everybody's work is linked is here

My book choice this month was A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens.

I enjoyed this one. It was a quick light hearted read.

Set in 1820 the plot is based around Alathea and Gabriel who are childhood friends. Alathea's father finds himself in a spot of bother after he made a deal with a fraudulent company. Alathea deals with the family finances and in order to protect her family identity poses as a grieving countess, wearing a black veil, to recruit Gabriel with the aim of proving the company her father dealt with is fraudulent. Gabriel wants payment in kind and things get a little raunchy to say the least. It isn't as explicit as 50 shades (crap book in my opinion) but it is quite spicy.  I won't spoil it any further by saying any more about the plot.

It was evident from the family tree in the front of the book that this is part of a series of books but I found it easy to read as a stand alone.

I did however find another in the series in the 10p sale section in the library along with some others to make my reading list for Artful Readers up to 12.

After a bit of thought I've taken one of my original choices off the list.  It was an allotment book and I've already had to have a good look through so I've added  Without Fail by Lee Child from my kindle to the list and it will be my March choice.  I've read a few Jack Reacher novels already and this was the next one in the series. 

Now onto the artwork for this month.

This book was so easy to be inspired by. The pink lace on the cover was my starting point with a Prima mask sprayed with a pink mist.  The black veil was a huge part of the story so I added a strip of black lace together with some cream and pink lace plus flowers and a doily.  Alathea's hair is mentioned a fair bit in the book so I chose a photo of when I had just been a GHD model for my local hairdressing salon.

The paper seems to have adopted the wavy look too from the misting. Oopsie


Sarah said...

Not entirely convinced this would be my kind of book (I'm a horrid prude, I get embarrassed if there is much more than a quick kiss and a cuddle going on in anything I read lol) - but your page is lovely!

Carmen said...

I go through phases where I'm in the mood for a bit of naughtiness in a book... Then I go back to the zombies ;)

I love that combination of the gorgeous black and the oh so pale pink that you've used. Just lovely.

NatashaMay said...

I love historical romance reads. Spicier the better. :) Great page! Love the vintage feel to it. :)

San @ Made in Hem said...

Oh yes, this is a good book to read right before bedtime, right? ;)
Your art looks great, it's almost a scrapbook page! ♥

Jez said...

I don't enjoy hot sex in a book, I just flip over the pages and keep saying 'get on the the story' because it's the writing and the story that interest me.
Unfortunately my March books was just like this, and a lot of flipping the pages went on.
Still, your artwork is so delicate and dainty, and from what you say incorporates many elements of the book, so congratulations on that.
Life would be boring if we all liked the same kind of book! That's what makes the ARC so interesting.

Maz said...

Love your artwork - so pretty. x