Sunday, 4 January 2015


Miles clocked up in 2014

I took a pic of the milometer at the end of 2013 and actually remembered that I'd done that so decided to take one on my first trip to the supermarket of the year. 

I was quite shocked the figure was so high to be honest. I only go as far as the   allotment, rugby training  or Asda all of which are less than 2 miles each way and I do an 18 mile round trip to brownies each week. One of the rugby training sessions is slightly further away when it's dark nights because they use an indoor venue until the clocks change and we have lighter nights again but no more than a couple of miles.  It's not even that we've been to far away rugby matches. Furthest one my car went to was Shaw Cross near Dewsbury. It's been to uni up north once in 2014 which was a 200 mile round trip to drop the big one off. Other journeys up there were either in 2013 or in the other car. It's been to Scarborough once and it came on a 220 mile round trip on holiday to Center Parcs in Cumbria. It's also been to Hull a couple of times when the eldest was still at uni. The rest is just pottering about so it was quite a shock to see that huge figure. All adds up.  

I'll relieve you from this boredom now if you've got this far. 

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