Thursday, 29 January 2015

B is For....

B fortnight runs to 28th January so here is what B discoveries we had.

Birthday - our youngest turned 11 during the fortnight.  Had to improvise a bit with the candles

We ate black bean casserole, beetroot, bacon butties and blitzed blueberries in the nutribullet.

I found a very nice beetroot and mint dip in Asda.

Made bird feeders at brownies and bought a bargain priced bird house in the sales for only £2.50.  Neither of these have made it to the allotment yet because the weather is a bit breezy and wet to say the least at the moment.

A definite highlight during the B two weeks was my daughter getting back into black robes for her second graduation. This time for her teacher qualification. Obviously different robes than for her geography degree because it is for a different qualification as a post graduate.  The stripe on the hood was much bigger, the hood was way longer and a bit difficult to photograph properly because of how it hung and the sleeves on the robes were a lot different.

She was chosen by the chancellor of the university to be stopped for a chat on her way across the stage which is a massive honour.

A bit of excitement last week was the filming of a bread advert on our street which will air on national TV with a major Hollywood star in it. 

I'll be back in two weeks with C.  Did you do anything for B?

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