Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Is For......

On New Years Day I started the A to Z of Discovery where each letter of the alphabet has two weeks of the year dedicated to learning new things starting with that letter.

Starting with A

I wanted to accomplish things with a positive attitude this fortnight.  There were curveballs a plenty thrown in and it turned into more of an annoying fortnight than an accomplished one. I'm sorry but I need to add a moan or two inbetween the A words.

I went to ASDA a few times. One time will stick in my mind way more than the others because the ****ing exhaust fell off the car.  It's been making noises for ages and it had one speed bump in the road too many for the rust that was keeping it together. God knows why there is the need for soooooo many speed bumps everywhere while I'm ranting.  Annoying but more embarrassing than anything. It's fixed now so I guess I did accomplish getting it sorted out and the positive attitude I took from it was that it happened close to home and not on the way back to uni with my son.


Annoying doesn't cover the washer. The man eventually turned up last week to fix the ongoing error. He surprised me by bringing a ton of parts which included a wiring system that resembled the length of an anaconda.  Long time fixing it and then the very next day it came up with the error again. Cue another phone call to Samsung and another repair scheduled for today. Yesterday I got a phone call to say they wouldn't be coming and that the head engineer had decided to do a report to Samsung saying they can't do any more to it and since it is still under warranty it is up to them to sort it out. More hassle and annoyance but it may mean a new washer so I'll do the positive attitude on this one.

Eldest son ended up at A&E two days after going back to university with a wrist injury after slipping on the ice.  Not broken thank goodness.

On the way back from taking him to uni we stopped at the Angel of the North. The sun was just setting and it was a pleasure to see the sunset with a view like this.

I accomplished preparing lots of slow cooker meals for the freezer. I did an American recipe with corn, salsa, chicken and beans.

Ate avocado, asparagus and apples.

I started an art journal.

Forgot to take any photos of most of it.  Not a good start.  Did you do anything to do with the letter A this fortnight? I'll be back in two weeks with B and hopefully some photos.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I've wanted to do an alphabet art journal in a dictionary for a while . . . maybe this will be the year. I like the idea of doing one letter every two weeks.