Wednesday, 27 January 2010

B Words

After the disaster for A with the Apple Cake I had a go at this recipe for Blueberry and Lemon Friands.  One of my friends on Facebook, who is also doing the alphabet through the year, made them so I decided to have a try.  I put them in muffin cases and they were actually quite nice.  I'm not a fan of blueberries and I can't stand blueberry muffins but these were totally different.

I have just about read another book in the Agatha Raisin series by M C Beaton.  By Friday when we start on C I should have it finished.

The next B is a bit silly but when the dogs were sleeping on the settee (where they shouldn't be!!) I realised they are Black and Blonde.  Yes silly I know.

Oh and I just thought of another B - Braces.  My son had a nightmare orthodontist appointment this week where anything that could go wrong did go wrong.  I have absolutely no chance of a photograph of him though - that's teenage boys for you!!!

Still not got around to the scrapbook layout for my A page.  I need a few extra hours during the day I think at the moment.  I really need to get on top of my deadlines and try and get some me time.


Bobs said...

Your gorgeous Black and Blonde dogs are just perfect for 'B'. Nothing silly at all!
I like the look of those Blueberry and Lemon friands. I've never heard of friands, so that is something I MIGHT try for my 'F'! :-)


Anonymous said...
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Kylie said...

Your doggies are so cute and muffins look delicious =)

Sarah said...

yum, those cakes look lovely - we baked aswell for B, but I must admit we used a biscuit-kit-in-a-box, I'm no expert in the kitchen.

gorgeous doggies :)