Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Is Boring Now

When it first started snowing it was nice and pretty and not something we are used to but the novelty has certainly worn off now. Even the kids are bored of it. Although I can't quite believe that my son took his football to the park yesterday and didn't fall on his butt.

I have two skywatch pictures this week - the first (above) is of our christmas tree which we have put out in the back yard for now until it can be chopped up and recycled.  Ironically we took it down the same day the snow started so it looks nice sat out there with snowy branches.  The sun melted some of it yesterday and that blue sky was yesterday afternoon.  We have had a sprinkling again overnight.

My second (below) is on tuesday when we got the bulk of the snowfall. 

and some more snowy piccies

my plant pots

the snowman the kids made but he is unfortunately no longer there


Serline said...

A perfect weather and sky for me! Thanks for the visit.

LadyFi said...

Great snowman! We have snow in Sweden for weeks and weeks - luckily, I like it!

Julie said...

Love the pic of the snowman, he looks stuck :)
Happy SWF :)

Lizzie said...

Well, you are right that the snow is not exciting once it's been there a while and caused problems. I have had to re-schedule so many things this week. It means I've had a lazy time at home, but also that I'll be running round like a headless chicken once the roads are safe again!
However, it's very pretty and I love your batch of photos. The snowman looked very friendly - he could have auditioned for "Frosty, The Musical" I think!

Lianne said...

wow looks like a lot of snow in your part of the world! i have never experienced snow coz i live in a tropical country but one day i would like to :)

IRENE said...

That is really alot of snow! Think of the good snuggling part...and Spring will be round the corner!..
Thenk you for stopping by today,a nd for your kind comment.All the best for 2010.

Jeanne said...

Looks like a lot of snow - but great pictures!

Stay warm!

Linnea W said...

That is quite a bit of snow you got! I've been hearing about it on the news. Sounds like lots of places are getting their fair share...not here though in California. It's just foggy...Thanks for visiting my SWF.

Liberty :) said...

Welcome to BY2010! Thanks for joining! Lovely snowy photos!!