Friday, 22 January 2010

Gloomy Friday Sky

The photo for this week's Skywatch Friday is a view over the school playing field, across the industrial part of town with the graveyard at the side.  Quite an eclectic mix really to have a school, chemical factory and graveyard so close to each other.  There are also some maltings a little bit further down where they make malt for beer etc.

If you fancy looking at more skylines which I can promise you will be more exciting than mine then head over to the Skywatch blog


Serendipity said...

Nice to see some green :)

Pat said...

I like the way the dark row of structures and trees divides the gray and green. Nice composition!

Kylie said...

It looks like a nice cool day. It will be 43 degrees here in Sydney today. I am so over summer.