Thursday, 28 January 2010

Celebrating The End Of The B Fortnight

We have a new bridge that was the subject of a Channel 4 programme in 2008 fronted by Kevin McCloud.  Being right at the other end of town it isn't something I have ever really been to before.  The rest of the family has but not me for some reason.  I thought it would be nice this morning to have a walk down there with the dogs and finally walk across it. 

I also discovered a new challenge yesterday called 52 Walks In 2010.  It just means to take your camera on 52 walks over the year and photograph where you have been.  I've decided that my first walk can be the first week of this month when it was snowing.  The pictures from that are in the posts at the beginning of the month.

Today is Walk 2 with my camera.  The sun was in a strange place which made some pictures turn out with shadows but never mind.

The dogs were really unsure of the rushing water under their feet.

This boat wreck apparently caused huge problems during construction of the bridge.

This is one of the benches that adorn the middle of the bridge.

Now we move on to the B Factor at Leeds United.  There are a few players qualifying for the B fortnight and it just so happens that they are the more 'photogenic' ones.

First up is Luciano Becchio who is frequently referred to in this house as beautiful.  The kids were over the moon to have their picture taken with him earlier in the season.

Next up is Bradley Johnson. 

The one and only Jermaine Beckford

Local lad Ben Parker. Yikes this pic makes me realise how much my son's hair has grown.
It's down to his shoulders now. Pic was taken in May.

and last but by no means least is Leigh Bromby.

To end the B's I have some music that is not the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Black Eyed Peas and Boom Boom Pow.

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Sarah said...

that bridge looks cool - great to have an excuse to go and visit something you might never have gotten around to otherwise.