Saturday, 2 January 2010

OK Then Wacky socks

Somebody commented yesterday that they wanted to see wacky socks.  I finished these on new years eve from some leftovers from other projects.

They were quite a challenge for me as they involve lots of picking up stitches which I have a phobia of but I managed it.  Don't think I will be wearing them in public.

Pattern can be found here

My next project is this.  Can't decide which colour beads to use yet though.

Yarn is one I dyed myself a couple of days ago and is Apple Green - in fitting with this being the fornight of the letter A


Caroline and Jayne said...

i love the wacky socks a little bit elf like with a touch of fairy !!!!

Lizzie said...

Yes, I immediately thought "Elf socks" too! Great fun!
What are you making with the green wool and beads? I must come back and see...