Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Beautiful Aromas

Laying in bed last night just inches from the new partition wall and smelling the smell of building work (not sure whether it was the wood or the plasterboard) made me think of the aromas I like. 

I can't say I like the smell I was smelling last night but it was a positive smell for me because it means that the work is progressing.  One really odd smell I like is when a road is being freshly laid with tarmac.  I have no idea where that one came from but it might have been pregnancy related at some point in time.

Another one is walking past the bakery nearby and smelling the freshly baked bread.

Most definitely coffee....need I say more

My absolute favourite perfume is Angel.  It is rather pricey though so I only usually get small trial size ones and even those are on the dear side.

One thing I can't get enough of at the moment is one of the new Comfort exhilarations fabric softeners - Blueberry and Jasmine Twist.  It is the most divine fabric softener I have ever smelt.

There is a smell I get a waft of every so often and I don't know whether it is a laundry product or a perfume or even something else but it is like a cross between the Blueberry and Jasmine fabric softener and Angel perfume.  I think next time I smell it I will have to ask the person what it is. 


Rach said...

Maybe someone with freshly laundered clothes and wearing Angel at the same time??? Can't say I have ever sniffed Angel might have to try it next time I am out - then again if it is expensive I maybe best not knowing if I like it! lol x

Lizzie said...

I remember being set a task at school, to write about "smell and memory". It was a really interesting exercise.. smells are very evocative and can cause us to instantly recall an event or feeling from years ago - even one that we had forgotten all about.
I'm a bit funny with smells these days - having asthma, lots of "smells" make me rather ill (so do some things with "no smell", which give off undetectable aromas!). Still, I do like certain flowers, perfumes etc. I love Jasmine and blueberry, so I must see what that fabric softener is like -but can't use it!!!