Tuesday, 20 April 2010

G Is For ......

Just realised I am mega late with G since it ran from 26th March to 8th April which was well over a week ago.

Anyway my girl turned 18

my boy broke his glasses

the kids played on guitar hero

we went on green grass with a giddy dog

the builders brought girders

see those tiny white balls?  They are from a neighbours' bean bag that they put out with the rubbish and it split all over the street. 

I got lovely gifts in the post from Brenda and Nicole.  Some Galaxy hot chocolate from Brenda and a G bookmark from Nicole.

On the football front I couldn't let G go by without a mention of Simon Grayson the manager of Leeds United.  Hopefully he will get them promoted this season even if it is the hard way through the playoffs.

Chili Pepper G is Get On Top

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Lizzie said...

Lots of fun! This was a Great post!