Thursday, 29 April 2010


Another picture borrowed from my husbands travels north, south, east and west through England following his football team Leeds United.  This picture is of the Dartford Crossing when they went to Gillingham a couple of weeks ago.

I've been over this myself when we have travelled to Dover for the ferry to France and from the north it is bridge over and tunnel back.  The congestion is causes is horrendous at times and I remember one time we almost missed our ferry because it was crazy busy.

Only one more official away day left of this season (Charlton this weekend) provided they can avoid the dreaded playoffs so I will have to rely on my own pictures in future lol.


Jane said...

Great shot of the Dartford Bridge, I know it well-my late Grandmother used to live in Tilbury and I remember when they were building that bridge too.

Thanks for sharing, at least it was good weather as it was always raining and grey when we used to visit that area.

J Bar said...

Great shot.
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Kcalpesh said...

Nice to see a skywatch shot from your city :-) The roads look really very busy!

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SandyCarlson said...

Very nice!

Gina F said...

Very nice shot of the Dartford Bridge. Great Photo. HAVE A BLESS DAY!!!

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channel crossings said...

Thanks for the nice sharing actually, Its Nice to see a skywatch shot from your city,the roads are looks really very busy!

fähre said...

Beautiful photo!

Sylvia K said...

Does look busy! Thanks for the look at your city/sky! Have a great weekend!


eileeninmd said...

Lovely shot of the sky! Happy skywatching!