Sunday, 4 April 2010

The One With The Bunnies

Happy Easter folks

In preparation for our forthcoming loft conversion I have been madly sorting out upstairs and either taking stuff to the tip, putting on Ebay, taking to the charity shop or keeping.  We had a mountain of soft toys that were in need of some love so a lot of them went to the charity shop but I did keep quite a few of the ones with sentimental value.  There was quite a bit of a bunny theme going on with the ones left and couldn't resist letting them pose for a photo.  I think they might have quite enjoyed it.  Makes a nice change from being hidden away for years.


Angie said...

Love the Easter hangy thingy ...I have loads of TY Cats that I cant bare to get rid of ... they lie on toy hammocks and shelves in my bedroom ...big kid at heart lol

Rachel said...

Lovely to see old toys, i have a ton in this house and even more at my parents but they are all dogs lol x