Thursday, 8 April 2010

We Have Lift Off

The scaffold went up on monday.

The builders started on tuesday. 

After their first day the only visible sign of work was a hole in the roof.  Not as big as I expected either.

After the second day - well lets just say we have more than one hole. 

They put up some supports in the bedrooms whilst they put the girders in the roofspace.

They did the job they were supposed to until one of the builders lost his footing and put his foot right through my daughter's bedroom ceiling.  Not a massive hole but enough to cause quite a lot of mess right on top of her bed, her A2 level work and lots of other things in her room.  Just as taster of the mess to come I suppose but annoying nevertheless especially since that was the one room whether nothing was supposed to be happening.  We get a new ceiling out of it anyway.

On the plus side they have refused me making them a drink so they must be a rare breed among builders. Either that or they know that my tea tastes crap.   No toilet breaks either so maybe they don't drink so they don't have to tinkle or there is a bucket somewhere inside that hole in my roof.

1 comment:

Melinda said...

Oh my! Love those high ceilings! I love a good remodel! What a mess - but how wonderful when it's done!