Saturday, 4 June 2011

30 Day June Photo Challenge

For more info on this challenge please see here

I forgot to put up day one so here you go. I hate self portraits of me.

Day 2 I showed you already.

Day 3 was hands. Easy I thought until I realised I can't photograph both hands without using the self timer which I haven't yet mastered. I must learn how to do that. So I settled for just one hand.

Today (day 4) is clouds.

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Janey said...

I was struggling whilst thinking about hands too, I don't particularly like my hands either, and so I took one of my nephew's hands! It's actually my favourite photograph of the challenge so far, so I'm pleased about that!

I like your clouds photo - I had a really non-cloudy day so had to settle for a shot of a few stripes of cloud! I'm looking forward to tomorrow - books! One of my favourite things in the world!