Monday, 27 June 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Well it looks like we have summer here in the UK for maybe a couple of days.

I'm not a fan of intense heat and prefer spring and autumn to summer.  It is so much more comfortable to be out and about in cooler conditions and definitely preferable for sleeping.  Not that we have been getting much sleep recently as the equivalent of the Jeremy Kyle show have moved into a rented house over the back from us. 1am they decided to take themselves and their loud conversations inside last night. Anyway the forecast is for cooler conditions from tomorrow so maybe sleep will come easier.

This lady will be happier (I hope) when the sun turns the thermostat down a few degrees.  She is in season at the moment and is not happy at all.  When she is in season she pees more frequently, the weather means she needs more water so therefore is peeing even more.  Poor love is being hounded by our male dog who, despite having been castrated, is very randy and won't leave her alone.

My husband on the other hand loves the warm weather and would spend his time outside if he wasn't working.  He took our youngest camping in the Yorkshire countryside on saturday for the night before the weather got stupidly hot.  Boring, moaning old me refuses to go. My excuse is nobody to look after the dogs as the eldest teens wouldn't hear them if it involved getting up before 11am. The real reason (and he knows it) is that I prefer to have comfort and practicality surrounding me on my holiday.  Having to tramp through a muddy field to a toilet in the early hours of the morning is just not going to happen.  Caravans yes (with a proper flushing toilet) tents absolutely not!

The place they went to looked gorgeous from the photos he brought back and I wouldn't mind a drive out there (just not overnight).

This photo makes my heart jump a bit with terror - look at that slope!

and this one - well it sums up my little man.  He has aspergers and has to know everything about everything and apparently he NEEDED to know the workings of this train carriage.  He never stops talking and last time they went camping middle man went with them aswell. He texted me several times saying he was fed up of little mans random facts about things he had no desire to know.  Aspergers meets autism with those two. People say they are the same thing but not so with my two. Their traits are so different it is unbelievable.

Anyway back to trying to cool down.  I've given up with my hair.  It is straight but even the power of three day frizz free from Frizz-Ease isn't working so for the first time in  a very long time my hair is tied up. My face has a nice red glow and sheen and not from the sun I would add lol.

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