Friday, 22 July 2011

Explore - Cover and Prompt 4

I'm out of order with the prompts.  I've made the little playbook out of 2 12x12 sheets of cardstock as suggested by Shimelle.  I misted a doily and added some chipboard covered letters to make a quick cover.

I haven't really had a proper chance to look at the prompts properly and get my head around the thinking so I haven't yet done prompts two and three. 

 Prompt four was an easy one for me.  It was about perfection.  I intend the project to be about this summer and perfection to me is one thing that I have particularly enjoyed this year and that is growing things from seed.  What springs from a tiny seed and leads to such perfect flowers is miraculous.  Nature is amazing.

This year I planted

Marigolds which cost 19p for the packet:

Pumpkins which we planted at brownies and I used a couple of spare seeds so a freebie

Tomatoes which were in a grow pot thing which was reduced to 49p in Wilkinson

some beans which are just starting to form

and a nasturtium which came in a seed bomb thing with 3 others that haven't produced anything at all despite being looked after the same.  Also in this tub are some ornamental cabbages which will hopefully turn into something nice to look at in the winter. Something has eaten some of the leaves.


Debbie said...

The plants are coming along nicely! The marigolds look so cheery. Beautiful!

mandy McK (Moogieof4) said...

Love the colours on your Playbook cover. see you in class,
Mandy McK (Moogieof4)

Rach H said...

Beautiful cover!!! I love the spritzed look!

Scribble Monster said...

Cute book and what great plants. Jen xx