Saturday, 30 July 2011

Week In The Life Day 4

Still here and still remembering to take piccies for Week In The Life

Day 4 (thursday) and this is a glimpse into it.

definitely not the time I got up but the clock with the time/date/temperature on

morning cuppa

a bit of Mario Cart

new net curtains for the bathroom

STILL NO STAIR CARPET (yes I'm shouting that because it is peeving me at the moment)

new American Crafts scrapbook album.  I've only ever had post bound ones before so D ring is exciting

Daisy dog + grotty kitchen floor which badly needs replacing

view from the loft window

waiting for the steam train again

a berry tree at the train station

strange child who pretended he was a dog for a lot of the afternoon

on the way to the baths for a swimming lesson

I did a sneeky pic with this one as you aren't really supposed to take photos in the baths.  Found a new photography app called Camera+ and it is fab.  Loving the frame on this one.

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Mrs. M said...

You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed your photos.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.