Saturday, 30 July 2011

Week In The Life Day 3

Are you still playing along with Week In The Life?

Errrm Day 3 fell a bit flat and I didn't take very many photos but here is what I did take

very messy house - see what I mean about the clutter I mentioned in earlier posts

not sure how it changed to a strange lens but here is me cleaning mould off the bathroom walls

spraying some book print to make yet more flowers for the shop (not finished yet so they will be coming soon)

Filled the car up with petrol and I was naughty by using my phone at the petrol station.  That readout says £62.73! That is definitely the most I have ever put in it.  I asked my middle son to take a picture of the board with the price per litre on it as we drove away but he didn't realise that with hipsta you have to let the picture develop before you click off the app so it didn't produce a pic.  Anyway for the record it was 133.7p a litre.

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