Monday, 18 July 2011

Summer Crafting Event

The Summer Crafting Event run by Create and Craft is held at Doncaster Racecourse. We went last year and it was a no brainer that I was going again this year.

The location is perfect although a little expensive for refreshments (£10.25 for 2 bacon sarnies, a coffee and a fruit shoot).  Next time I think I'll take something to eat in the car.

There are loads of exhibitors.  There are a lot of the peel off and shiny paper variety which I suppose is because it is aimed at the cardmaker primarily.  I'm not a cardmaker - it just doesn't appeal so those type of things don't really float my boat.  Once I looked beyond all that though there was lots to buy.  I was restrained though and came away with this little lot

A Tim Holtz die, some doilies, double sided tape, a stencil, lots of new mists and tons of beads.  The bead stall was amazing. I could have spent an absolute fortune in there but restrained myself to two packets for £1 each and a goody bag for £5.  They have a website if anybody is wanting some cheap but scrummy beads -  I just need to go and buy a lovely jar to keep them in now.
Plus I got a Create and Craft goody bag which was £10 and yes there was an ample amount of card making stuff as you can see but there was also a heat gun and a craft knife with refills which I will use.  My little man has claimed the rest of it.  Not sure he has seen the fairy papers in there. I'm sure I will be getting those back lol

I am seriously considering trying to get a stand next year.  I would be very nervous about it though. Would people buy my flowers? Would I be the stand where nobody is at? I suppose it would be a way of testing the market at that time.  I'll see what the powers that be say in reply to my query about exhibiting I guess.

Typically I forgot the camera and tried to get a shot of the exhibiting hall coming down the escalator from the food court with my phone but as you can see it was a bit of a blur.


My simple life said...

looks like a great day out with some bargains. :)

Sue said...

Wow Stash AND sweeties , What more could you want?!

Emilie said...

So much stash!!!

Claireliz said...

Oooooh fabby stash, have fun playing.

Fifi-T said...

You were very well behaved, and whilst I do occasionally make cards I would be avoiding peel offs and shiny paper too.

If I were to go to such a thing I'd be much more interested in your pretty flowers, but I suppose it all depends on how much a stall costs

Jenny said...

Awesome haul!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous haul. Unfortunately for me Doncaster was too far away.